SF Chronicle: Food and…Home?

Photo courtesy of www.eater.com

Photo courtesy of www.eater.com

You may have noticed something a little different about the San Francisco Chronicle this past Sunday, July 29th. The award-winning Food + Wine Section is no longer, but although this may seem catastrophic as it appears the lost generation of SF foodies will have nowhere to turn for reviews, recipes, and pairings, fear not! This redesign, merging Food + Home, may actually be just what we need. After all, a little change here and there is a good thing.

Photo courtesy of sfcsubserv.tumblr.com

Photo courtesy of sfcsubserv.tumblr.com

As the reformat launched on Sunday, July 29th, we’ve only had one issue to judge, but in our opinion, it’s working. Unifying home, garden and culture with food and wine makes for an interesting life-stylish read, exploring more of the cultural aspects and intersections between food and wine and other topics, giving birth to food technology, for example, among others. Additionally, many fewer recipes will be featured; however, with so much access to recipes online, I think we’ll survive. And for those of us FREAKING OUT, take a deep breath and understand that this sub-section is about 70% food and wine and 30% home and garden. Also, Michael Bauer will continue to write weekly restaurant reviews and Jon Bonne will continue to cover wine. Furthermore, the Top 100 Restaurants list will continue as well. So, until the Bargain Bites, Restaurants, Wine, or Recipes sections disappear (GOD FORBID), SF Chron, you’re doing just fine. Way to take the plunge.    

Let’s Get Gay: LBGT Pride Celebration, San Francisco

Photo courtesy of www.gaytravel.com

Photo courtesy of www.gaytravel.com

Get out your glitter and metallic skintight rainbow spandex; it’s the annual San Francisco Gay Pride celebration! Interested in finding something…colorful to do this weekend? Beginning Saturday, June 28th at 12:00 p.m., thousands will gather for the LGBT Pride Celebration, taking place at the heart of the San Francisco Civic Center Plaza. With countless musical performers, costumes, and of course a parade, the 2014 pride theme is “Color Our World With Pride.”

Based on the San Francisco Chronicle feature, “Are You A Pride Veteran or Virgin?” here are a few dressing tips for beginners from pride experts, Tony Bravo and Carolyne Zinko.

If you think wearing a funny hat or wig will make you stand out at the festival, think again. NOTHING…I repeat…nothing will make you stand out. Not even going completely and utterly stark naked. So gear up with all the goofy, fabulous fashionable (and unfashionable) attire you can find. And don’t forget a smile!

Photo courtesy of thedev.tv

Photo courtesy of thedev.tv

I know they’re freaking awesome, but do yourself a favor and put away though 6-inch stiletto, jeweled high heels. Trust me; you will want to kill yourself after an hour. Not only will people step on you (which they will), you will be walking a lot! If you absolutely must wear the hell-heels, bring a pair of flats to change into.

I know it’s tempting, but try to refrain from wearing rainbow everything. I mean, no one will really blame you, but the veterans will be wearing one or two tastefully selected rainbow pieces,

Go entirely nuts with the gltter, but just know that it won’t come off of you until Winter.

Summer in San Francisco is not usually warm enough for a tiny tutu-pasty combination, but by all means…freeze to death. If you feel like being smart, bring a sweater.

And that’s pretty much it. Get wild, make friends, have a blast, and don’t make the mistake of assuming anyone’s gender. We’ll see you there!

Photo courtesy of www.shutterstock.com

Photo courtesy of www.shutterstock.com


These days, gluten-free is all the rage. Bagels, pasta, donuts, and breads of all shapes, flavors, and sizes are being wrongfully neglected everyday. Here at Pro Media, we love gluten and want to give a little loaf…I mean love…to the shops that are gluten-go! Here are our favorite places to dine at.

Acme Bread Company

Photo courtesy of www.acmebread.com

For committed glutanistas, Acme Bread Company uses organic flour and selective grain varieties to bake the freshest, most delicious breads daily. Located in the Ferry Building, the legendary Acme Bread Company makes the “it” bread served at Chez Panisse.

The Mill

Photo courtesy of www.ericherrmann.com/

The Mill incorporates the delicious freshly baked bread of Josey Baker Bread and the highest quality green coffee beans and ethical buying practices of Four Barrel Coffee to create the perfect recipe for a wonderful morning (or afternoon…or evening…or any other time you feel like eating bread and drinking coffee…). Bread is baked fresh daily in a multitude of varieties including wonder bread (blend of bread flour and whole wheat, sourdough culture, sea salt), seeded country (blend of bread flour and whole wheat, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sourdough culture, sea salt), and black pepper parmesan(blend of bread flour and whole wheat flour, parmesan, sourdough culture, black pepper, sea salt) all for six bucks a pop!


Photo courtesy of www.zagat.com

This is the perfect place to find warmth, shelter and amazing grilled cheese sandwiches close to the waters of Ocean Beach. Known for their fresh daily-baked bread, Outerlands is committed to supporting the environment while building and nurturing relationships with local, organic farms and food producers. The restaurant offers a café, brunch, lunch, dinner, desserts, and delightful cocktails and other beverages.

Oakland: Taking the Bay Area by Storm

Is the world falling apart? “San Francisco” followed closely by “Oakland” strewn across the front page of San Francisco Magazine…what is going on? We flipped through the latest edition of San Francisco Magazine at Pro Media and were shocked by what we saw…SF Mag, known to survey a plethora of various SF happenings had published a special edition: The Oakland Issue. If San Francisco Magazine had compiled 176 pages of adoration of Oakland, we all need to go. Right now. And here is why.

The Food
Based on SF Magazine‘s The Oakland 100, Oakland is taking the Bay Area by storm by satisfying appetites. From noodles at The Ramen Shop to delectable perfection at B-Side BBQ to fanciful doughnuts at Doughnut Dolly, “Oakland’s restaurants have taken the lead by being themselves: risk-taking, sophisticated but scrappy, and downright delicious,” as Eva Kolenko, SF Magazine, describes. Oakland is the place to venture if you’re into countless taco trucks, East coast-style hoagies at 1 a.m. and classy bar-food.

Photo courtesy of www.seasoningandsalt.net

The Drink
A trip to the Oakland Beer Halls, featuring Oakland Beers, would make our visit entirely worth it, even if this was the only attraction. Try Oakland Brewing Co’s Sticky Zipper IPA or Linden Street Brewery’s New Oakland Glow pilsner.
For wine lovers, Oakland’s urban wineries create delightful concoctions in local warehouses near Jack London Square. The 36-year-old urban wine extraordinaire, Rosenblum Cellars (sister winery to our amazing client, Rock Wall Wine Co.,) plans to contribute to this urban winery district as the tasting room will be relocated from Alameda to Oakland.

Photo courtesy of www.treehugger.com

The Art
In terms of fashion, it appears that the look to be coveted speaks to “I don’t give a damn what you think”, meaning unmatched apparel, ethnic textiles, and/or purple hair.
Oakland has bred ferocious athletes such as Ivan Rabb, lyrical geniuses and musicians like the choir members of Allen Temple Baptist Church, artistic masterminds including street artist, Eddie Colla, and thus, has produced a rich, dynamic culture that deserves a little spotlight.

Photo courtesy of Positive Peace Warrior Network.

Looking beneath the surface, it is evident that Oakland is a culture in movement. It’s expansive reach encompasses urban art, impassioned individualists, dynamic technologies, and enormous appeal. We’re sold on Oakland. Care to join us?

Credit San Francisco Magazine Special Edition: The Oakland Issue.

Things to Live By: SF for Dummies

The astounding city of San Francisco is known for many things: from the deep orange glimmer shed from the mighty Golden Gate Bridge, to the unique and eccentric health-food culture, to the mosaic of diverse races, sexual preferences, and opinions, I love this city! Based on Thrillist contributor Joe Starkey’s “The 31 San Francisco Commandments,” we’ve put together an expanded list of essential, invaluable tips any San Franciscan should commit to memory to ensure joy, success, and as few parking tickets as possible.

Photo courtesy of www.ebay.com.

Learn to layer. In any given moment of the day, the weather can seem to rise or fall ten degrees, depending on your location. Be prepared.

Photo courtesy of www.freerepublic.com

Either wear comfortable shoes or learn to suffer! We San Franciscans walk a lot and most of the time, it is up and down ferociously steep hills. If you must wear your little Gucci heels, do yourself a favor and bring a tucked away pair of flip flops to wear when no one’s looking.

Automotive (this is obviously assuming you have a car…and if you do have a car in SF, you’re insane and should not have a car unless you have a parking permit which you probably don’t because it costs more than my entire wardrobe and rent combined):
Turn those wheels. When parking on a hill, make sure you turn your wheels the appropriate way towards the curb. Fail to do this and suffer the $35.00 consequence.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Eskenazi, SF Weekly.

Obey all signs. Even if it is hidden in a bush that is completely and utterly engulfing the tiny red letters, dictating your parking hell. Between the street sweeping, the construction, and two-hour parking, beware. You have been warned.

Food & Beverage:
Shop organic. It’s available, so why not? And when shopping organic, bring your own grocery bags, unless you wish to pay a whopping $0.10 per bag, which adds up when you shop like I do.

Be adventurous. The city has an infinite number of bars and restaurants to delight any San Franciscan’s taste buds. Even if you are a vegan, raw foodie, cheap-o on a diet that only eats purple foods, there is something for you.

There’s an app for that. Use them. All of them! From reading about the newest hot spots to booking a lyft or making a reservation, take advantage of all the hard work the techies have done for you.

Thanks for reading, San Franciscans! Obey the above and prosper!

NY Times Mag Talks SF Homes and Living

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 4.00.28 PM

Well there is no denying it, tech is taking San Francisco by storm and although we love a great startup, here at Pro Media we know all too well that with the tech boom has created skyrocketing rent and real estate prices.  But this local financial epidemic hasn’t just captured the attention of San Franciscans. The most recent issue of the New York Times Magazine has dedicated an entire feature to this topic.

Judd and Donaldson Home, The New York Times

Judd and Donaldson Home, The New York Times

Although the city has quickly developed a new reputation as the “live large” tech capital, the article argues that the homes to envy are the ones reminiscent of SF’s more soulful past, featuring select Bay Area homes that have maintained their Bay Area charm amid the money madness.

SF homes to envy: The Judd and Wade household 1912 Mediterranean Montecito-style house in Berkeley combines modern and creativity.  While Kim Devine has lived in her Hayes Valley location for 32 years, filling it with unique and innovative collectables.  Check out the other homes featured in the article here.

Brennan and  Wade Home, The New York Times

Brennan and Wade Home, The New York Times

From the Dogpatch and Hayes Valley, to Pac Heights and even Berkeley, it’s true! These homes are definitely filled with the excitement and personality that reflect the diversity of the city. Who doesn’t love a home with character?! But we have to ask, does the NY Times Magazine have it right? Is the money boom affecting the charm of SF’s homes and living?

Morla and Matran Home, The New York Times

Morla and Matran Home, The New York Times

In addition to the NY times taking an interest in how we are living, Cottages & Gardens magazine has just launched SF C&G, an entire publication dedicated to SF homes and living.

There is no doubt about it. SF living and lifestyle is a hot topic right now! Where do you stand?

Indochino “Traveling Tailor” Pop-up Comes to Union Square

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 2.12.25 PM

Who doesn’t love a man in a suit? With San Francisco being the land of startups and fashion innovation, a sharp suit can go a long way.  Here at Pro Media, we are eager to announce that men’s online custom suit maker, Indochino, is coming to Union Square!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.16.36 PM

From March 13-23rd, Indochino is bringing their acclaimed “Traveling Tailor” pop-up to 117 Post Street for the ultimate VIP shopping experience.  For a limited time only, shoppers will have the opportunity to suit up with stylish and affordable custom menswear – including the latest from the just launched spring 2014 collection.

Indochino is changing the way guys dress, using technology to make custom clothing accessible for every man. For those of you who aren’t the biggest fans of shopping, the pop-up store is designed specifically for how most guys shop – producing affordable, premium custom suits in a hassle-free environment.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.19.37 PM

Be the first to experience this sensational pop-up event by joining in on opening day festivities.  On March 13th, enjoy local refreshments, cocktails, and lite bites while being fitted for your tailored suit.  Throughout the day, Indochino will also have a selection of exciting giveaways you wont want to miss.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 1.06.12 PM

Traveling Tailor San Francisco is open from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. weekdays, Saturdays 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. and Sundays 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.  Schedule your appointment at indochino.com/SF or drop in anytime.

Organic Shimmer Spa Now Open in SoMa


Attention all spa enthusiasts! Looking for the perfect place to be papered? Well look no further! Here at Pro Media, we could not be more thrilled to announce the opening of SoMa’s new ultimate luxury tanning salon and full service urban spa, Organic Shimmer Spa.


With the success of their first high-end airbrush tanning salon located on Union Street in the Marina, Organic Shimmer has expanded to their second SoMa location, offering a full selection of spa treatments – from the sensational oxygen and diamond microdermabrasian facial treatments to brow shaping and mink eyelash extensions, Organic Shimmer Spa is sure to take the urban spa experience to the next level.


Going above and beyond with an elite staff of estheticians and beauty technicians, Organic Shimmer Spa is one of only a few locations in San Francisco that has highly trained CIDESCO diplomats on staff.  Recognized as the most advanced certification in the field of Esthetics and Beauty Therapy in the world, Organic Shimmer’s CIDESCO diplomats are trained in advanced facial techniques, massage, waxing, chemical peels, and the science of skin care.  With only the best to offer, you would be crazy not to give it a try.


As if that weren’t enough, Organic Shimmer Spa also contains premier spa equipment that is not always found in urban spa centers, including beautiful personal treatment rooms, a state of the art airbrush facility, a luxury Vichy shower room used for full body treatments, and a selection of highly sought-after products from Eminence Organic Skin Care and Cosmedix.


And for those of you with a busy work week, you will be happy to hear that Organic Shimmer Spa is open every Monday – Friday, as late as 8pm and Saturday from 10am-6pm.   With so many great services to try, there is no denying this is one urban spa worth checking out!

‘Third Rail’ Cocktail Bar Comes to the Dogpatch

Screen shot 2013-10-24 at 10.07.12 AM

Always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in the San Francisco bar scene, here at Pro Media, we could not be more excited to announce the launch of  the Third Rail.  Scheduled to open early December as the newest addition to the Dogpatch, Range owners Jeff Lyon and Phil West, have gone above and beyond to create a cocktail bar unlike any other in the city.

Bar at Range

Bar at Range

Keeping the historically industrial look of the Dogpatch’s former docks and train depots, Lyon and West brought in the design expertise of Paxton Gate to refurbish the interior – restoring the allure of the classic, urban neighborhood bar, while adding mid century touches and art deco motifs. The bar’s cool, urban scene is one worth checking out!

With an exceptional menu of creative and outstanding libations, the Third Rail will feature an assortment of delicious cocktails that change with the seasons.  In addition to being able to choose from the menu’s four cocktail categories: spirituous, aperitif, seasonal and citrus, guests will also be able to experience a selection of red, white and sparkling wines on tap as well as four local beer taps.

'Third Rail' Cocktail

‘Third Rail’ Cocktail

The Third Rail (signature cocktail) was already featured in the Oct. issue of 7×7 (as a teaser to the opening) and is made up of Buffalo Trace bourbon, Lillet, honey, lemon, orange bitters.

For all of you meat lovers out there, as if the cocktails weren’t enough, Third Rail takes it up a notch being San Francisco’s first-ever jerky bar.  Jerky is the new bacon! Third Rail will be housing homemade cured meats as well as a selection from additional purveyors- still TBD. The jerky is sure to add a fun and flavorful twist to your bar experience.

Third Rail Jerky Bar

Third Rail Jerky Bar

The bar is scheduled to be open 7 days a week, from 3:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, and 3:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Look for the Third Rail to open early December…

Union Square SF Presents First Ever “Fall Fashion Fest” (F3)

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 5.23.12 PM

If you are a fashion fanatic like us here at Pro Media, then we will definitely be seeing you this Thursday at Fall Fashion Fest SF! Get your feel for this seasons’ top fashion trends as Union Square (through the Union Square Business Improvement District) puts on a can’t miss evening of fierce fashion, fantastic food, and festive fun! (Event is free and open to the public- see eventbrite RSVP link below.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 5.48.13 PM

Taking place on October 3, 2013 from 6-8pm, the premier shops throughout Union Square encourage all to kick off the latest and greatest of fall fashion with late shopping hours and special events.  On this stylish evening, take advantage of the incredible discounts, gifts with purchase and refreshments provided at each location.  To help keep that shopping stamina going, be sure to enjoy the delicious and tasty treats from the hottest food pop-ups San Francisco has to offer.

In addition to the amazing stores participating, including AG, Macy’s, Porsche Design, Scoop NYC, Scotch & Soda, Theory, Bonobos, Harputs, and Vince, just to name a few, Union Square SF has also teamed up with The Bold Italic to help promote this evening of fashion and style.  Check out the full list of the evening’s events at FallFashionFestSF.com.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 5.38.33 PM

And what fashion fest would this be if there weren’t prizes to be won? All you have to do is snap a few pics of your fall fashion favs and Union Square SF will give away some amazing prizes for the best photos from the night’s events.

In order to participate and fully experience all the incredible events of this years Fall Fashion Fest SF, be sure to RSVP at fallfashionfestsf.eventbrite.com.

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 5.40.17 PM

Eat, drink, and be festive… all in the name of fashion.