High Style at the Legion of Honor

Photo courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Photo courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

We at Pro Media are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco’s Legion of Honor in preparation for the masterful costume exhibit: High Style.

The exhibit will display dress from the era of 1910 to 1980 and include pieces by some of the 20th century’s most important American and European fashion designers, including the “father of couture” and British designer, Charles James. James’ limited collection, which makes up about 1/3 of the High Style exhibit, was recently displayed at the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is the first time this collection has been shown on the West Coast.

With an emphasis on French couture, this is arguably the “greatest repository of American fashion design” according to the Director of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Colin B. Bailey.

High Style will present 65 mannequins dressed in an array of garments and 35 accessories such as shoes and hats. The display will include the works of Christian Dior, Jeanne Lanvin, Madeleine Vionnet, and Elsa Shiaparelli as well as the works of female American designers in the 1930s through the 1950’s such as Bonnie Cashin, Elizabeth Hawes, and Claire McCardell.

The most highly anticipated piece (pictured above) is Charles James’ “Four-Leaf Clover” dress meticulously designed in 1953. This gown was crafted with Ducchesse satin, lace, and silk shantung and is property of the The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection, 2009.

The display will be open to the public from March 14 to June 19 at the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco’s Legion of Honor.

Fashion Technology, The Happy Ending

Once upon a time in a city by the bay, fashion and technology were two very different beasts, each moving rapidly in opposite directions. But fate had a different plan (as fate often does) and after many years passed, fashion and tech saw each other in a very different light (technology had tried on some contacts and fashion went to an investment seminar).

Photo courtesy of www.businessoffashion.com

Photo courtesy of www.businessoffashion.com

The fashionista and the digital geek have come together and the verdict is…they had a very nice time.

Fairytales aside, fashion technology is transforming our lives. Based on Lorraine Sanders’ “The 20 fash-tech companies that will change the way you shop”, here are five examples of how…


Le Tote

Must you wear the latest trends in jewelry, but can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars? We hear you! Le Tote sends you gorgeous, contemporary jewelry boxes with either three pieces for $19/month or five pieces for $49/month. Wear as long as you’d like and then return for a new box. Get unlimited totes each month with free 2-day shipping. Can’t part with a piece? It’s available to buy!

Photo courtesy of www.pose.com

Photo courtesy of www.pose.com



This San Francisco company has made a huge splash. From fashion to…practically anything else, consumers have the ability to integrate into different communities, sharing and discovering many aspects of life through walls of images. Explore the most popular fashion trends, designers, and labels on www.pinterest.com for yourself. But don’t stop there. Create your own profile with Pins, unique to all things you love.


Photo courtesy of www.article-3.com

Photo courtesy of www.article-3.com


Discover toxin-free beauty products on Trymbl. This online beauty store allows you to “try before you buy”, allowing for customers to test products for up to 15 days before returning or purchasing. The idea behind Trymbl is that make up is expensive and if you’re going to spend that hefty sum, it’s important for you to love the product.

Photo courtesy of www.pinterest.com

Photo courtesy of www.pinterest.com

Bag Borrow or Steal

Rent luxury accessories for one month at a time with the option to renew. Brand new accessories are professionally cleaned after each “borrow” and shipped to you free of charge. You also have the option to buy or sell your high-end handbags.


Photo courtesy of www.bagborroworsteal.com

Photo courtesy of www.bagborroworsteal.com

Rent the Runway

Similar to the above, Rent the Runway allows you to rent the highest quality designer fashion apparel for a fraction of the retail price. After your special occasion, simply return the item and repeat. From accessories to summer trends to black tie, choose “current season” fashion from over 95 designers. The Narciso Rodriguez Razor Sharp gown (shown below) retails for  $3,295.00 and can be rented for $70.00.

Photo courtesy of www.renttherunway.com

And fashion and Technology lives happily ever after.

SF Chronicle: Food and…Home?

Photo courtesy of www.eater.com

Photo courtesy of www.eater.com

You may have noticed something a little different about the San Francisco Chronicle this past Sunday, July 29th. The award-winning Food + Wine Section is no longer, but although this may seem catastrophic as it appears the lost generation of SF foodies will have nowhere to turn for reviews, recipes, and pairings, fear not! This redesign, merging Food + Home, may actually be just what we need. After all, a little change here and there is a good thing.

Photo courtesy of sfcsubserv.tumblr.com

Photo courtesy of sfcsubserv.tumblr.com

As the reformat launched on Sunday, July 29th, we’ve only had one issue to judge, but in our opinion, it’s working. Unifying home, garden and culture with food and wine makes for an interesting life-stylish read, exploring more of the cultural aspects and intersections between food and wine and other topics, giving birth to food technology, for example, among others. Additionally, many fewer recipes will be featured; however, with so much access to recipes online, I think we’ll survive. And for those of us FREAKING OUT, take a deep breath and understand that this sub-section is about 70% food and wine and 30% home and garden. Also, Michael Bauer will continue to write weekly restaurant reviews and Jon Bonne will continue to cover wine. Furthermore, the Top 100 Restaurants list will continue as well. So, until the Bargain Bites, Restaurants, Wine, or Recipes sections disappear (GOD FORBID), SF Chron, you’re doing just fine. Way to take the plunge.    

Let’s Get Gay: LBGT Pride Celebration, San Francisco

Photo courtesy of www.gaytravel.com

Photo courtesy of www.gaytravel.com

Get out your glitter and metallic skintight rainbow spandex; it’s the annual San Francisco Gay Pride celebration! Interested in finding something…colorful to do this weekend? Beginning Saturday, June 28th at 12:00 p.m., thousands will gather for the LGBT Pride Celebration, taking place at the heart of the San Francisco Civic Center Plaza. With countless musical performers, costumes, and of course a parade, the 2014 pride theme is “Color Our World With Pride.”

Based on the San Francisco Chronicle feature, “Are You A Pride Veteran or Virgin?” here are a few dressing tips for beginners from pride experts, Tony Bravo and Carolyne Zinko.

If you think wearing a funny hat or wig will make you stand out at the festival, think again. NOTHING…I repeat…nothing will make you stand out. Not even going completely and utterly stark naked. So gear up with all the goofy, fabulous fashionable (and unfashionable) attire you can find. And don’t forget a smile!

Photo courtesy of thedev.tv

Photo courtesy of thedev.tv

I know they’re freaking awesome, but do yourself a favor and put away though 6-inch stiletto, jeweled high heels. Trust me; you will want to kill yourself after an hour. Not only will people step on you (which they will), you will be walking a lot! If you absolutely must wear the hell-heels, bring a pair of flats to change into.

I know it’s tempting, but try to refrain from wearing rainbow everything. I mean, no one will really blame you, but the veterans will be wearing one or two tastefully selected rainbow pieces,

Go entirely nuts with the gltter, but just know that it won’t come off of you until Winter.

Summer in San Francisco is not usually warm enough for a tiny tutu-pasty combination, but by all means…freeze to death. If you feel like being smart, bring a sweater.

And that’s pretty much it. Get wild, make friends, have a blast, and don’t make the mistake of assuming anyone’s gender. We’ll see you there!

Photo courtesy of www.shutterstock.com

Photo courtesy of www.shutterstock.com

NY Times Mag Talks SF Homes and Living

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 4.00.28 PM

Well there is no denying it, tech is taking San Francisco by storm and although we love a great startup, here at Pro Media we know all too well that with the tech boom has created skyrocketing rent and real estate prices.  But this local financial epidemic hasn’t just captured the attention of San Franciscans. The most recent issue of the New York Times Magazine has dedicated an entire feature to this topic.

Judd and Donaldson Home, The New York Times

Judd and Donaldson Home, The New York Times

Although the city has quickly developed a new reputation as the “live large” tech capital, the article argues that the homes to envy are the ones reminiscent of SF’s more soulful past, featuring select Bay Area homes that have maintained their Bay Area charm amid the money madness.

SF homes to envy: The Judd and Wade household 1912 Mediterranean Montecito-style house in Berkeley combines modern and creativity.  While Kim Devine has lived in her Hayes Valley location for 32 years, filling it with unique and innovative collectables.  Check out the other homes featured in the article here.

Brennan and  Wade Home, The New York Times

Brennan and Wade Home, The New York Times

From the Dogpatch and Hayes Valley, to Pac Heights and even Berkeley, it’s true! These homes are definitely filled with the excitement and personality that reflect the diversity of the city. Who doesn’t love a home with character?! But we have to ask, does the NY Times Magazine have it right? Is the money boom affecting the charm of SF’s homes and living?

Morla and Matran Home, The New York Times

Morla and Matran Home, The New York Times

In addition to the NY times taking an interest in how we are living, Cottages & Gardens magazine has just launched SF C&G, an entire publication dedicated to SF homes and living.

There is no doubt about it. SF living and lifestyle is a hot topic right now! Where do you stand?

Women (who are killing it) In Business: Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot Founder and CEO Jessica Herrin and Chief Creative Officer Blythe Harris

Stella & Dot Founder and CEO Jessica Herrin and Chief Creative Officer Blythe Harris

The ladies of Stella & Dot gained a much sought after spotlight in The San Francisco Chronicle’sStyle‘ section last Sunday, being highlighted for their ‘Jewelry Issue‘. We at Pro Media have been huge fans of Stella & Dot for years – attending their events, buying their beautiful pieces and wearing them every day and getting to know some of their stylists along the way. We are so happy to see them gain some much deserved accolades!

The scene at a Stella & Dot trunk show

The scene at a Stella & Dot trunk show

Part of a new breed of entrepreneurial women in the Bay Area, they bring great pieces to women at their fingertips, both online with their e-commerce site or physically with on-site trunk shows. Women of all ages and backgrounds are a part of this growing company, that now reaches to Europe, proving that Stella & Dot’s style and business truly connects women worldwide.  They have also made their products and people further accessible with the addition of mobile shopping and social media sites.

So what is it about Stella & Dot that makes their business a success? That women can not only meet and connect over their jewelry, but that their jewelry is also created to be flattering on everyone. Their designs stay on top of the trends, as well as ahead of them, but are still wearable for everyone from a trendy high school girl to her classically-dressed Grandmother.

A few of Pro Media's favorites from Stella & Dot: Serenity Stone Drops, Tempest Necklace, and Stackable Gem Ring

A few of Pro Media’s current favorites from Stella & Dot: Serenity Stone Drops, Tempest Necklace, and Stackable Gem Ring

We admire a company ran by smart and creative women who continue to push the boundaries of what it means to be a business that is of-age. CEO Jessica Herrin and Chief Creative Officer Blythe Harris inspire us to keep progressing, to seek out the next big thing and continue to move our business, services and clients ahead with the always changing ways of things around us.

Check out the article HERE. (photo credits from SF Chronicle HERE and Stella & Dot HERE.)

Healdsburg Boutiques Tallulah & St. Dizier Collaborate on Luxury Pop-up Shop

Tis the season to shop in style! With the holidays right around the corner, Pro Media is excited to announce the arrival of a luxury pop-up shop with a truly unique aesthetic for fashion and home décor.

Healdsburg boutiques, Tallulah and Saint Dizier Home, have collaborated to bring you select accessories and luxury décor items perfect for the holiday season. Owners Denise Trefry of Tallulah and Cathy Hopkins of St. Dizier have produced a collection sure to leave you wanting more.

This pop-up shop is for a limited time only, Nov 9th – Nov 21st, from 11am to 5pm daily and will be located at 149 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448.

Just a taste of what to expect: Velvet pillows, gilded Tobi Tobin candles, one-of-a-kind furniture at special sale prices, as well as many exclusive pieces representing the best that each store has to offer.

With a gorgeous and eclectic collection, this is the perfect way to kick off your holiday shopping and find something new for your home and loved ones.

3-Day Parisian Flea Market ‘Brocante’ in Healdsburg

Healdsburg will soon be home to a 3-day Parisian event that we are proud to be working with, get ready for BROCANTE! (French word for ‘flea market’). This beautiful event will be taking place September 21-23 from 11am-6pm at the famed “The Ivy House,” whose owner + design legend Myra Hoefer, along with Tallulah Boutique owner Denise Trefry (client) will play hosts for the event.

Myra Hoefer will be shipping in furnishings and decor straight from her ateliers in Paris (and her own Myra Hoefer Designs in Healdsburg) for the event and Denise will be showcasing her own decor items and jewelry from Tallulah, such as Andy Warhol’s Chanel lithographs and silk pillows. Attendees will be able to shop these rare pieces ‘en plein air’ in the backyard of the historic Ivy House. (Refreshments will be available Friday after 3pm.)


The Ivy House, 243 Center Street, Healdsbuerg, CA

(If you are a member of the media and would like to come to BROCANTE, please rsvp to: rsvp@provocateur-media.com for special media tours, etc.)

Tallulah Bankhead

SNEEK PEEK: Coming to the online space this fall, Tallulah boutique will launch a new, 2.0 version of their online shop MyTallulah.com, allowing vintage-chic shoppers worldwide to purchase their curated picks. Until then, BROCANTE will serve as a lovely sneak peek.

We’re  big fans of unique, vintage home decor at Pro Media and excited to see all of the curated picks come together- hope to see you there!

Supreme Beings: Avant-Garde Fashion in San Francisco

As the world moves to Paris for day 1 of Paris Fashion Week, the ladies here at ProMedia are gearing up for our own client’s upcoming fashion show! The Supreme Beings Fashion Show will reveal the avant-garde concepts of two local fashion designers, Ilanio Reubin of Ilanio and Elena Slivnyak of IIMUAHII, at the spacious SOMArts Cultural Center on Thursday, March 1st. The two runway shows will showcase 8 imaginative looks from each designer, as well as two short improvisational performances by Butoh (contemporary Japanese) dancers which we find very fitting for the two creatives.

Though different in aesthetic, both designers hail from similar backgrounds and aim for analogous goals. Ilanio (San Francisco Art Institute) and Elena (Academy of Art) both found the retail and fashion corporate worlds too constrictive and mass-produced, and thus ventured into their own imaginative ones.

Ilanio works to create “visually stunning fashion concepts that explicitly disregard wearability, saleability, and practicality; that embrace advanced definitions of sexuality and gender; and that defy the commercially-mandated boundary between the fashion and art worlds.” For Elena of IIMUAHIII, her avant-garde aesthetic is manifested in an intricately-crafted sportswear line.

Although we’re dreaming of being in Paris (but really, when are we not?), we’re excited to watch Ilanio and IIMUAHII strut and represent San Francisco’s undeniable talent in their nontraditional fashion show and hope to see you all there as well!

Stunning Interiors at Ram’s Gate Winery, Sonoma

We had been reading about Ram’s Gate winery in Sonoma when it first opened back in September 2011, and were very excited and curious to see the designs from award-winning architect, Howard Backen. The inspiration for Ram’s Gate was “a modern interpretation of the weathered farmsteads of old Carneros.” And after a lovely trip out to wine country (instead of being glued to the TV for SuperBowl Sunday – we think wine tasting is almost, always better) we saw the  final product and it is indeed sensational.

One of the private tasting rooms at Ram’s Gate Winery

After walking around the premise for a bit (and enjoying the unusually warm weather in February!) we treated ourselves to a flight tasting of a few of Ram’s Gate wines. We tried their Pinot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Late Harvest Zinfandel. Tastes from the kitchen included a perfectly crafted carrot cake with baby farm carrots on the side. Not an ideal pairing with wine but we had a craving for something sweet.

Main room, Bar & Kitchen at Ram’s Gate Winery

Every room was beautifully and meticulously designed. Plush, inviting seating at every turn, dark colors with cool fabrics. We envisioned how wonderful this place would be for a number of parties, occasions and celebrations. The location (nestled on 147 acres of land we were told by one employee) is one of the closest winery locations to San Francisco, just 30 minutes North. Perhaps one day we will throw a lavish party here, but until then, we will definitely be coming back to enjoy the scenery at Ram’s Gate Winery.