Pro Media Joins Youth Business of America

About a month ago, Pro Media was introduced to a contact at Youth Business America (YBA,) a charity under the parent company Youth Business International (YBI). YBi is an international charity that was founded by Prince Charles 30 years ago and whose focus is to help mentor and fund young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-35 years old. Since Rena Ramirez, founder of Pro Media falls in this age group, we at Pro Media have been asked to serve on the Youth Business Advisory Council and we feel honored.

We are very excited to serve on the YBA Advisory Board, but we were even more excited (and honestly, quite flattered!) when we were asked to be the opening speaker at the YBA launch event On Tuesday, May 17th. This was an event that marked the beginning for the YBA home in San Francisco as the newest location and home base for aspiring entrepreneurs. YBA board members, donors, patrons and young entrepreneurs alike gathered to celebrate this special occasion last week, and although we initially had a few butterflies in our stomach, the event was a success! We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with YBA.

Event photo courtesy A.K. Sandhu of