Things to Live By: SF for Dummies

The astounding city of San Francisco is known for many things: from the deep orange glimmer shed from the mighty Golden Gate Bridge, to the unique and eccentric health-food culture, to the mosaic of diverse races, sexual preferences, and opinions, I love this city! Based on Thrillist contributor Joe Starkey’s “The 31 San Francisco Commandments,” we’ve put together an expanded list of essential, invaluable tips any San Franciscan should commit to memory to ensure joy, success, and as few parking tickets as possible.

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Learn to layer. In any given moment of the day, the weather can seem to rise or fall ten degrees, depending on your location. Be prepared.

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Either wear comfortable shoes or learn to suffer! We San Franciscans walk a lot and most of the time, it is up and down ferociously steep hills. If you must wear your little Gucci heels, do yourself a favor and bring a tucked away pair of flip flops to wear when no one’s looking.

Automotive (this is obviously assuming you have a car…and if you do have a car in SF, you’re insane and should not have a car unless you have a parking permit which you probably don’t because it costs more than my entire wardrobe and rent combined):
Turn those wheels. When parking on a hill, make sure you turn your wheels the appropriate way towards the curb. Fail to do this and suffer the $35.00 consequence.

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Obey all signs. Even if it is hidden in a bush that is completely and utterly engulfing the tiny red letters, dictating your parking hell. Between the street sweeping, the construction, and two-hour parking, beware. You have been warned.

Food & Beverage:
Shop organic. It’s available, so why not? And when shopping organic, bring your own grocery bags, unless you wish to pay a whopping $0.10 per bag, which adds up when you shop like I do.

Be adventurous. The city has an infinite number of bars and restaurants to delight any San Franciscan’s taste buds. Even if you are a vegan, raw foodie, cheap-o on a diet that only eats purple foods, there is something for you.

There’s an app for that. Use them. All of them! From reading about the newest hot spots to booking a lyft or making a reservation, take advantage of all the hard work the techies have done for you.

Thanks for reading, San Franciscans! Obey the above and prosper!

‘Third Rail’ Cocktail Bar Comes to the Dogpatch

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Always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in the San Francisco bar scene, here at Pro Media, we could not be more excited to announce the launch of  the Third Rail.  Scheduled to open early December as the newest addition to the Dogpatch, Range owners Jeff Lyon and Phil West, have gone above and beyond to create a cocktail bar unlike any other in the city.

Bar at Range

Bar at Range

Keeping the historically industrial look of the Dogpatch’s former docks and train depots, Lyon and West brought in the design expertise of Paxton Gate to refurbish the interior – restoring the allure of the classic, urban neighborhood bar, while adding mid century touches and art deco motifs. The bar’s cool, urban scene is one worth checking out!

With an exceptional menu of creative and outstanding libations, the Third Rail will feature an assortment of delicious cocktails that change with the seasons.  In addition to being able to choose from the menu’s four cocktail categories: spirituous, aperitif, seasonal and citrus, guests will also be able to experience a selection of red, white and sparkling wines on tap as well as four local beer taps.

'Third Rail' Cocktail

‘Third Rail’ Cocktail

The Third Rail (signature cocktail) was already featured in the Oct. issue of 7×7 (as a teaser to the opening) and is made up of Buffalo Trace bourbon, Lillet, honey, lemon, orange bitters.

For all of you meat lovers out there, as if the cocktails weren’t enough, Third Rail takes it up a notch being San Francisco’s first-ever jerky bar.  Jerky is the new bacon! Third Rail will be housing homemade cured meats as well as a selection from additional purveyors- still TBD. The jerky is sure to add a fun and flavorful twist to your bar experience.

Third Rail Jerky Bar

Third Rail Jerky Bar

The bar is scheduled to be open 7 days a week, from 3:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m., Monday through Friday, and 3:00 p.m.-2:00 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Look for the Third Rail to open early December…

The Official America’s Cup Sports Bar to Open 4th of July

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The 4th of July is right around the corner and, here at Pro Media, we know where we will be celebrating — at the America’s Cup Sports Bar! We are proud to be working with the official bar for this global sailing competition. Come join us on July 4th for the bar’s opening and be in the action for the world’s greatest sailing event.

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As the world’s largest pop-up bar, the America’s Cup Sports Bar will feature both outdoor and indoor service and encompass over 12,000 square feet on Pier 27. And if that doesn’t seem large enough, all together, the space will be able to hold a whopping 500 people! With such a great venue and so much excitement, this bar is sure to become San Francisco’s new, “go-to” after work spot.

If the sailing doesn’t bring you to the bar, the cocktails sure will. Famed local cocktail designer Scott Beattie has been named Beverage Director and will create and oversee the innovative cocktail program. Don’t miss out on these incredible artisan cocktails tailored specifically for the America’s Cup.

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The bar and restaurant will tentatively be open 7 days a week from 11 am – 10 pm Sunday- Thursday and 11 am – 11pm Friday and Saturday. A tasty brunch will also be served on the weekends.

The America’s Cup Sports Bar is the perfect place to catch the excitement of the races. Taking place from July 4th – September 21st, the races will be continuously broadcasted on multiple screens. In addition, the venue will also air local televised sports events, including San Francisco Giants and Oakland A’s games, when available.

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It won’t be around for very long, so make sure to make the most of it! Summer, sailing, and sports bar… Need we say more?