Tuesday Lunch at Cavalier? Wine Not?

What a perfect afternoon for delectable cuisine paired with complex, delicate Washington wines…but let’s be honest. What afternoon wouldn’t be perfect for a wine tasting luncheon at Cavalier SF?


Greeted with two separate wine flights and many friendly faces, the Pro Media team graciously found seats and eagerly awaited the delightful four courses to come. There were Lamb Scrumpets served with pickled chile and mint sauce. There were Quail Eggs with celery salt and crispy shallot. There was a selection of entrees from Burgers and Wild Mushroom Pies to Fish and Chips. And there was a Flourless Chocolate Cake that made us speechless…and we at Pro Media…are never speechless. And there was no shortage of whites and roses, ranging from honey suckle, pear, to grapefruit tones, complimenting every bite with precision.


A special thank you to our wine tasting Sheppard and talented winemaker, Kit Singh of Lauren Ashton Cellars. We are very grateful to the team of Visit Seattle for including us in this wonderful lunch!

Ferry Plaza Seafood Now Open & Other Great Oyster Joints

As indulging in a crisp glass of white wine and local oysters on the half shell is a vital right and pastime of San Franciscans, it is imperative that we take advantage while we can. As some of you may know, Drakes Bay Oyster Co., a major supplier of fresh oysters for the Bay Area, have been subjected to 19 months of legal fights, as the Department of the Interior refuses to renew the oyster company’s lease. That said, there’s no time like the present to enjoy fresh, raw oysters at a few of our favorite spots that you may have not heard of. These San Francisco gems may fly under the radar, but should most certainly not be missed.


Ferry Plaza Seafood

We are proud to announce the opening of our latest client, Ferry Plaza Seafood in North Beach. Having relocated from the Ferry Building to the lovely area of North Beach with a view of Washington Square Park, Ferry Plaza Seafood fills a void, offering a contemporary, seafood-centric dining destination to locals to the neighborhood. With an entirely new menu, staff, and design, this restaurant provides simplistic, yet flavorful dishes created by Executive Chef and general manager, Joey Ng. Ferry Plaza Seafood held its official grand opening on Monday, July 28, 2014. Currently offering six raw oyster varieties:

Photo courtesy of Kristian Melom

Photo courtesy of Kristian Melom

Oyster Shooter – quail egg, uni, ponzu granita

 Kusshi – British Columbia

 Baynes Sound  – British Columbia

 Rock Point – Washington

 Lil Skookum – Washington

 South Bay  – California

 Malpeque – Prince Edward Island

We are thrilled to be working with such a creative, hardworking, and skilled team who provide delightful offerings!


Monday – Thursday 5:30pm – 10:00pm

Friday – Saturday 5:30pm – 11:00pm

Zuni Café

With menus that change daily and are inspired by French and Italian cuisines, Zuni Café offers a large selection of delicious oysters and is another “not to miss” oyster spot. Serving a slew of oysters under the following four categories (Pacific, Japanese, Eastern, and tiny Pacific), the menu provides meticulous detail of origin and market price. Zuni Café offers impeccably selected oyster wines to pair with your meal. Even the sourdough bread and butter is delectable.

Photo courtesy of www.bonappetit.com

Photo courtesy of www.bonappetit.com

E & O Asian Kitchen

The modern Asian restaurant in the heart of Union Square offers the dynamic, flavorful creations of Executive Chef Sharon Nahm and you might not know that this too is a great oyster spot! With three floors, a lounge, and a convenient parking garage (yes, great garages do exist…Sutter-Stockton garage), guests are able to enjoy rich, imaginative dishes, late night bites and innovative cocktails. The best part…the $1 oyster (local varieties) happy hour from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Photo courtesy of www.foodspotting.com

Photo courtesy of www.foodspotting.com

 We will certainly be slurping many oysters down for the remainder of the summer and hope you do too!

Oakland: Taking the Bay Area by Storm

Is the world falling apart? “San Francisco” followed closely by “Oakland” strewn across the front page of San Francisco Magazine…what is going on? We flipped through the latest edition of San Francisco Magazine at Pro Media and were shocked by what we saw…SF Mag, known to survey a plethora of various SF happenings had published a special edition: The Oakland Issue. If San Francisco Magazine had compiled 176 pages of adoration of Oakland, we all need to go. Right now. And here is why.

The Food
Based on SF Magazine‘s The Oakland 100, Oakland is taking the Bay Area by storm by satisfying appetites. From noodles at The Ramen Shop to delectable perfection at B-Side BBQ to fanciful doughnuts at Doughnut Dolly, “Oakland’s restaurants have taken the lead by being themselves: risk-taking, sophisticated but scrappy, and downright delicious,” as Eva Kolenko, SF Magazine, describes. Oakland is the place to venture if you’re into countless taco trucks, East coast-style hoagies at 1 a.m. and classy bar-food.

Photo courtesy of www.seasoningandsalt.net

The Drink
A trip to the Oakland Beer Halls, featuring Oakland Beers, would make our visit entirely worth it, even if this was the only attraction. Try Oakland Brewing Co’s Sticky Zipper IPA or Linden Street Brewery’s New Oakland Glow pilsner.
For wine lovers, Oakland’s urban wineries create delightful concoctions in local warehouses near Jack London Square. The 36-year-old urban wine extraordinaire, Rosenblum Cellars (sister winery to our amazing client, Rock Wall Wine Co.,) plans to contribute to this urban winery district as the tasting room will be relocated from Alameda to Oakland.

Photo courtesy of www.treehugger.com

The Art
In terms of fashion, it appears that the look to be coveted speaks to “I don’t give a damn what you think”, meaning unmatched apparel, ethnic textiles, and/or purple hair.
Oakland has bred ferocious athletes such as Ivan Rabb, lyrical geniuses and musicians like the choir members of Allen Temple Baptist Church, artistic masterminds including street artist, Eddie Colla, and thus, has produced a rich, dynamic culture that deserves a little spotlight.

Photo courtesy of Positive Peace Warrior Network.

Looking beneath the surface, it is evident that Oakland is a culture in movement. It’s expansive reach encompasses urban art, impassioned individualists, dynamic technologies, and enormous appeal. We’re sold on Oakland. Care to join us?

Credit San Francisco Magazine Special Edition: The Oakland Issue.

Things to Live By: SF for Dummies

The astounding city of San Francisco is known for many things: from the deep orange glimmer shed from the mighty Golden Gate Bridge, to the unique and eccentric health-food culture, to the mosaic of diverse races, sexual preferences, and opinions, I love this city! Based on Thrillist contributor Joe Starkey’s “The 31 San Francisco Commandments,” we’ve put together an expanded list of essential, invaluable tips any San Franciscan should commit to memory to ensure joy, success, and as few parking tickets as possible.

Photo courtesy of www.ebay.com.

Learn to layer. In any given moment of the day, the weather can seem to rise or fall ten degrees, depending on your location. Be prepared.

Photo courtesy of www.freerepublic.com

Either wear comfortable shoes or learn to suffer! We San Franciscans walk a lot and most of the time, it is up and down ferociously steep hills. If you must wear your little Gucci heels, do yourself a favor and bring a tucked away pair of flip flops to wear when no one’s looking.

Automotive (this is obviously assuming you have a car…and if you do have a car in SF, you’re insane and should not have a car unless you have a parking permit which you probably don’t because it costs more than my entire wardrobe and rent combined):
Turn those wheels. When parking on a hill, make sure you turn your wheels the appropriate way towards the curb. Fail to do this and suffer the $35.00 consequence.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Eskenazi, SF Weekly.

Obey all signs. Even if it is hidden in a bush that is completely and utterly engulfing the tiny red letters, dictating your parking hell. Between the street sweeping, the construction, and two-hour parking, beware. You have been warned.

Food & Beverage:
Shop organic. It’s available, so why not? And when shopping organic, bring your own grocery bags, unless you wish to pay a whopping $0.10 per bag, which adds up when you shop like I do.

Be adventurous. The city has an infinite number of bars and restaurants to delight any San Franciscan’s taste buds. Even if you are a vegan, raw foodie, cheap-o on a diet that only eats purple foods, there is something for you.

There’s an app for that. Use them. All of them! From reading about the newest hot spots to booking a lyft or making a reservation, take advantage of all the hard work the techies have done for you.

Thanks for reading, San Franciscans! Obey the above and prosper!

Rock Wall Wine Company and le truc Team Up!

Attention all foodies and wine lovers! Pro Media is proud to announce the collaboration of Rock Wall Wine Company with one of the most popular gourmet food trucks in the Bay Area, le truc.  Offering a full menu to guests five days a week, le truc will take over the on-site chef’s kitchen becoming a permanent fixture at the Rock Wall Wine Co. location.

Known for their classic, contemporary American style cuisine, le truc will continue to serve many of their signature dishes, but with a Rock Wall spin – new dishes that le truc serves up will be specifically tailored to pair with Rock Wall‘s award winning wines.

{Taste Bud Teaser: le truc’s Turkey Meatball with hand crafted turkey meatballs, provolone, cabernet marinara, parmesan, basil, and pepperoncini paired with Rock Wall’s 2010 Monte Rosso Zinfandel}

Le truc dishes will range from $4-$15, with Rock Wall wines by the glass ranging from $8-$12. Restaurant hours are Wednesday-Thursday, 12:00pm-5:30pm, Friday from 12:00pm-6:30pm, and Saturday-Sunday from 12:00pm-5:30pm.

Join them in their grand opening on Friday, November 2nd, 2012 for the ultimate urban food and wine experience. With plenty of wine and delicious food, it is sure to be an event you won’t want to miss.

Eat. Drink. And Be Merry!

Family Winemakers of California 2012 Tasting Event

Family Winemakers of California 2012 Tasting Event

We have a fun event coming up this September and if you are a wine lover, you are definitely going to want to listen up! The Family Winemakers of California, a reputable organization that helps get the word out and protect small and family-owned wine makers and wineries, is hosting their 22nd annual tasting event Sunday September 9, 2012 at the Festival Pavilion at the Fort Mason Center. (It is a two-day event actually, but this date is open to the public.) It is really a wine lover’s dream as it ts the most comprehensive tasting of California wines in the world! This year’s event will include over 300 wineries and over 750 different wines. Think not just the typical Pinots and Cabernet Sauvignons, but a plethora of very unique, high-quality wines with varietals literally from A-Z.

At this 2012 tasting, and for the first time ever, this year’s event will also include a special VIP Tasting Lounge, hosted by Celebrity Sommelier Courtney Cochran, and highlighting a selection of these unique wine varietals such as Albarino, Grenache Blanc, Marsanne, Muscat Canelli, Nebbiolo, Pinotage, Semillon, Tannat and Vermentino.

Event-goers can also enjoy the “Taste and Take!” program for the second year, allowing you to take home all of the wines you love straight from the event.

Also, as something extra special this year, we will be joined by the delicious Craperie Saint-Germain– providing guests an array of traditional French buckwheat & gluten-free crêpes made with organic ingredients. Yum! Totally looking forward to this here too!

Consumer tickets are now available for this event at http://fwcsf12tasting.eventbrite.com/.

Be sure to check out the Family Winemakers of California website for more information at www.familywinemakers.org

Cheers, and drink on!

Dogpatch WineWorks Opens New Tasting Room

Continuing to spread the word of the growth of the Bay Area’s fantastic urban wineries, we at Pro Media are working with Dogpatch WineWorks and announced yesterday the launch their new tasting room {located in the up and coming SF Dogpatch neighborhood.} This is an exciting new offering in San Francisco as now residents will have an even better option for enjoying quality wine closer to home and in a unique environment. Located within the original 15,000 square-foot loft, the new 3,000 square-foot DPWW tasting room officially opens to the public this weekend and will be open every Thursday-Sunday.

(photo courtesy Andrea Rowe Photography)

Wines that will be poured in this new tasting room will include wares from Jazz Cellars, Qualia Wines, OM Winery and Carlotta Cellars to start- with more wines signing on and joining the collective in the coming months. Wine lovers can either choose a featured flight, creating their own flight, or to order wine by the glass from a rotating list.

Some of the varietals featured at the present time include Carignan, Marsanne/Rousanne, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir, Rose, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Syrah-Grenache, Zinfandel and Viognier. Wine will be offered in 2 oz. and 5 oz. pours, quartinos and also by the bottle; 5 oz. pours range from $5.00-$12.00 each and retail bottle prices range from $16.00-$48.00 each.

Want to learn more about wine, go out for a tasting with friends in SF, or test your skills and create a wine of your own? Check out Dogpatch WineWorks at 2455 Third Street in San Francisco or check out their website at www.dpwineworks.com.


Stunning Interiors at Ram’s Gate Winery, Sonoma

We had been reading about Ram’s Gate winery in Sonoma when it first opened back in September 2011, and were very excited and curious to see the designs from award-winning architect, Howard Backen. The inspiration for Ram’s Gate was “a modern interpretation of the weathered farmsteads of old Carneros.” And after a lovely trip out to wine country (instead of being glued to the TV for SuperBowl Sunday – we think wine tasting is almost, always better) we saw the  final product and it is indeed sensational.

One of the private tasting rooms at Ram’s Gate Winery

After walking around the premise for a bit (and enjoying the unusually warm weather in February!) we treated ourselves to a flight tasting of a few of Ram’s Gate wines. We tried their Pinot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Late Harvest Zinfandel. Tastes from the kitchen included a perfectly crafted carrot cake with baby farm carrots on the side. Not an ideal pairing with wine but we had a craving for something sweet.

Main room, Bar & Kitchen at Ram’s Gate Winery

Every room was beautifully and meticulously designed. Plush, inviting seating at every turn, dark colors with cool fabrics. We envisioned how wonderful this place would be for a number of parties, occasions and celebrations. The location (nestled on 147 acres of land we were told by one employee) is one of the closest winery locations to San Francisco, just 30 minutes North. Perhaps one day we will throw a lavish party here, but until then, we will definitely be coming back to enjoy the scenery at Ram’s Gate Winery.

Two Guys, One Obsession; Pinot Noir-Approved

For all you wine enthusiasts especially interested in the new wave of winemakers coming up on the horizon, read up on one of our new clients, Joseph Jewell, the reviews on their 2009 Pinot Noir in PinotFile and also their feature in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

The two self-made wine connoisseurs and their Pinot Noir was recently recognized by the Pinot Prince himself, William Gaffen. However, It was their 2009 Elk Prairie Vineyard Humboldt County Pinot Noir that grabbed his attention and received the PinotGeek grin of approval:

“Mild dusty tannins and well-honed acidity create a beautifully balanced wine that really draws you back to the glass. A perfect marriage of pedigreed vineyard and impeccable winemaking.”

The grin lets everyone know that they’re one to watch not just because they’re “Next-Gen” winemakers, but also because they make Pinot work with what they’ve got. Both Adrian and Micah (32 and 29 years old, respectively) have talent and a whole lot of farmer-meets-chemist knowledge that produces a passion for Pinot that doesn’t go unnoticed! Humboldt County is indeed a very unusual place to source grapes from to make wine, and that is why this particular bottle is so interesting.

Also, acclaimed Wine Editor and Critic, Virginie Boone highlighted their rise to the top in an article she called “Little Wineries On The Rise” in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. A fun photo of the two here in wine tanks below really showcases their personalities.

(photo courtesy Santa Rosa Press Democrat and Beth Schlanker)

We at Pro Media love representing the bold and passionate trendsetters as they are prime examples of this in the wine industry. Rather than owning and producing in a full-scale winery, they source from vineyards all over Northern California and crush at state-of-the-art Peay Vineyards. Pinot is definitely their passion and it is evident in Gaffen’s reviews and the Press Democrat’s interest. We look forward to helping them share their passion and hope you will share in it as well!

Rock Wall as one of Food & Wine’s “Next-Gen” Winemakers

Editors and enthusiasts alike are always on the look-out to find the newest trends these days, especially when it comes down to the coolest eateries or the best drinks. Food & Wine Magazine helped with the trend search in this month’s November issue and recently featured our very own client, Shauna Rosenblum of Rock Wall Wines, as one of the next wine-trendsetting kids in California.

She, along with the other children of amazing California winemakers (i.e. Bob Lindquist of Ethan Grenache, Mike Beziger of Evolve, and Josh Phelps & Carlo Trinchero of Taken), are leading the pack of new generation wine producers. With all their innovative energies guiding them and their family heritages supporting them, there is full faith that these kids will leave a new legacy behind.

Congrats to all of the “next-gen” Bay Area winemakers mentioned!