Things to Live By: SF for Dummies

The astounding city of San Francisco is known for many things: from the deep orange glimmer shed from the mighty Golden Gate Bridge, to the unique and eccentric health-food culture, to the mosaic of diverse races, sexual preferences, and opinions, I love this city! Based on Thrillist contributor Joe Starkey’s “The 31 San Francisco Commandments,” we’ve put together an expanded list of essential, invaluable tips any San Franciscan should commit to memory to ensure joy, success, and as few parking tickets as possible.

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Learn to layer. In any given moment of the day, the weather can seem to rise or fall ten degrees, depending on your location. Be prepared.

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Either wear comfortable shoes or learn to suffer! We San Franciscans walk a lot and most of the time, it is up and down ferociously steep hills. If you must wear your little Gucci heels, do yourself a favor and bring a tucked away pair of flip flops to wear when no one’s looking.

Automotive (this is obviously assuming you have a car…and if you do have a car in SF, you’re insane and should not have a car unless you have a parking permit which you probably don’t because it costs more than my entire wardrobe and rent combined):
Turn those wheels. When parking on a hill, make sure you turn your wheels the appropriate way towards the curb. Fail to do this and suffer the $35.00 consequence.

Photo Courtesy of Joe Eskenazi, SF Weekly.

Obey all signs. Even if it is hidden in a bush that is completely and utterly engulfing the tiny red letters, dictating your parking hell. Between the street sweeping, the construction, and two-hour parking, beware. You have been warned.

Food & Beverage:
Shop organic. It’s available, so why not? And when shopping organic, bring your own grocery bags, unless you wish to pay a whopping $0.10 per bag, which adds up when you shop like I do.

Be adventurous. The city has an infinite number of bars and restaurants to delight any San Franciscan’s taste buds. Even if you are a vegan, raw foodie, cheap-o on a diet that only eats purple foods, there is something for you.

There’s an app for that. Use them. All of them! From reading about the newest hot spots to booking a lyft or making a reservation, take advantage of all the hard work the techies have done for you.

Thanks for reading, San Franciscans! Obey the above and prosper!

Rock Wall Wine Company- Heating Up the Wine Scene in the Bay!

Now this is where the art of public relations gets really exciting, having a client you love in great print publications AND on live TV! Our beloved Rock Wall Wine Company, a fabulous urban winery in Alameda, was recently featured in three publications this month, San Francisco magazine’s June “Wine & Spirits” issue for “Six Tasting Rooms Where You Really Can Get Into the Spirits,” on the NBC Today Show with Bob Redell, and also in today’s San Francisco Chronicle for the “Chronicle Recommends” wine section for their 08 Napa Cabernet. See all of the nitty gritty below, complete with links and video!

San Francisco magazine’s June “Wine & Spirits” issue — “Taste the Scene” article featuring Rock Wall Wine Company. Photograph by James Carrière.


Rock Wall Wine Company on NBC Today with Reporter Bob Redell.

Rock Wall Wine Company featured in the San Francisco Chronicle’s “2008 Napa Cabernets: The Chronicle recommends.” Photograph by Craig Lee.

Pro Media Joins Youth Business of America

About a month ago, Pro Media was introduced to a contact at Youth Business America (YBA,) a charity under the parent company Youth Business International (YBI). YBi is an international charity that was founded by Prince Charles 30 years ago and whose focus is to help mentor and fund young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-35 years old. Since Rena Ramirez, founder of Pro Media falls in this age group, we at Pro Media have been asked to serve on the Youth Business Advisory Council and we feel honored.

We are very excited to serve on the YBA Advisory Board, but we were even more excited (and honestly, quite flattered!) when we were asked to be the opening speaker at the YBA launch event On Tuesday, May 17th. This was an event that marked the beginning for the YBA home in San Francisco as the newest location and home base for aspiring entrepreneurs. YBA board members, donors, patrons and young entrepreneurs alike gathered to celebrate this special occasion last week, and although we initially had a few butterflies in our stomach, the event was a success! We are looking forward to a fruitful partnership with YBA.

Event photo courtesy A.K. Sandhu of

Meeting Ms. Kelly Cutrone

As huge fans of Ms. Kelly Cutrone, we were ecstatic to learn that she was in town last week for the book signing for her 2nd book, “Normal Gets You Nowhere.” Naturally we read the 1st book (literally in a matter of hours!) and then the 2nd book just before the signing. Kelly spoke to a crowd of about 200+ at the Books Inc. store on Chestnut in the Marina, and also did a Q&A which lasted almost 2.5 hours! Learning about everything from her new projects, to her experiences on The Hills, Kell on Earth and advice on the difference between being a “cop” vs a “bounty hunter” in life in careers was quite informative.

After another 30 minutes in line to get our book signed, Kelly was nice enough to offer Pro Media some PR tips. Thanks Kelly, come back to SF soon!

East Bay Vintner’s Alliance on The HuffingtonPost

For almost 2 years now, Pro Media has been working with the East Bay Vintner’s Alliance and we are excited to say that genuine interest in the urban wine scene across the county is growing! Our annual “Passport” event that took place on Saturday, April 2nd and we were quite pleased as a group with the huge rise in attendance.

Local Wine Editor & HuffingtonPost (Food) Contributor, Mary Orlin reports on Passport in her own “Oakland CA, Is Wine Country.” (Orlin is also the Founder The Wine Fashionista.)

When you think of Oakland, the other city by the San Francisco Bay, you probably don’t think of it as wine country.  There aren’t any vineyards, bucolic settings or palatial wine tasting rooms.  Instead, you find a gritty, industrial vibe, one that dares to thumb its nose at traditional wine country.  This is wine country in the city.

Twenty-three wineries now call Oakland and surrounding areas home.  This is more than a trend, not only in Oakland, but around the country. City Winery is in New York City.  Boedecker is in Portland and Henke is in Cincinnati.  While the labels may have appellations from Napa Valley to Long Island to the Willamette Valley, the grapes are brought into a downtown setting to be made into wine.

(Read the full story here:

Passport tasting day at Urban Legend Cellars. Urbano Cellars, Stomping Girl Wines, and Adams Point Winery (known for their delicious dessert wines) all under one roof.

The famous Urban Legend bottles, complete with Star Wars reference.

Cerruti Cellars‘s new tasting room in Oakland, near the Waterfront on Webster. Beautiful interior design with hand-crafted barrels lining the walls. They make one of my favorite Roses yet!

Pro Media Hosts “Girls Rock at Laline!”

We had such a lovely time last night, mingling with our beauty and fashion friends for the official U.S. launch of bath & beauty retail store Laline. Champagne and light bites were served as guests enjoyed the sounds from the amazing Bay Area Girls Rock Camp for an evening called “Girls Rock at Laline!” charity event. Here are some of our favorite photos from the evening.

Laline President, Shai Zemach, poses with staff and U.S/Regional Marketing Director, Hila Shaham.

Laline Bath Bomb goodies!

Another satisfied customer- and all for a great cause supporting young aspiring women in music and art.

Fashion Blogger Natalie Goel from Like Fresh Laundry, Fashion Editor Katie Hintz-Zambrano from  NBC’s “The Feast,” and Fashion Blogger Dino Ray from “The Finer Dandy.”

Beauty Blogger Sara from “The Make Up Snob” with Kathleen Neves, SF Skincare Examiner.

A performance by “They Bayonettes” from the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp, a charity based in the East Bay helping to support women in music and performance. These girls were honestly amazing and quite talented. A great charity to support.

Fashion Editor Kristen Philipkoski from Stylenik.

On the right, Fashion Blogger Michelle Ruiz from her own ModelinaMichelle and her assistant, Tabitha, trying out Laline products for the first time.

On the left, Head Provocateur (that’s me :) and Fashion/Marketing Consultant, Lorraine Sanders (also with her own

Laline President, Shai Zemach, San Francisco Chronicle’s Contributing Style Editor, Cindy Ha, and U.S/Regional Marketing Director, Hila Shaham.

Co-Founder, Sinead Norenius of the International Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Organization (iFABBO) poses with Kathleen Neves.

Beauty Blogger Cassandra Bustamante from “Beauty 4 Thought” with Hila.

U.S/Regional Marketing Director, Hila Shaham, myself, Laline President, Shai Zemach, and Pro Media intern, Stacy Kent.

Bay Area Wine Society Tours the EBVA

We recently had the Bay Area Wine Society come though to tour our client, the East Bay Vintner’s Alliance. This was the first urban wine tour for the association who usually visits Napa and Sonoma and we are proud to report back that our urban wineries did very well with ratings. Each wine sampled during the tour was rated by the group, and the results, ranging from 1.0-5.0 are in. Urban wineries of the East Bay scored very well with these wine lovers. Thank you Bay Area Wine Society for touring the EBVA.

Check out the full breakdown and results for the reviews here:

Owners and Winemakers, Steve and Marilee Shaffer of Urban Legend Cellars, pouring for the Bay Area Wine Society at their tasting room on 4th Street in Oakland

The view across the bay, from one of our largest tasting rooms in the EBVA, Rock Wall Wine Company, in Alameda

The Bay Area Wine Society enjoying lunch at ChopBar, one of the local restaurants in the area who carries EBVA wine on tap

Pro Media Celebrates in Style

Pro Media hosted our 1st annual party last week with media and friends in celebration first official year in business. Stella + Dot stylist, Courtney Heinze, was generous enough to donate her swanky live/work loft in SOMA and local fashion designer and client, Lorian Lindsay showcased items from her popular line. Champagne toasts and great company. Thanks to all who came out, and here’s looking forward to our 2nd annual client appreciation party in 2012!

For those who missed the celebrations, read about our party from one of our favorite SF fashion bloggers, Michelle Ruiz on ModelinaMichelle

(photos courtesy Andrea Rowe Photography)

Michelle Ruiz, Fashion Blogger, Modelina Michelle

Kristin Phillopkoski,; Lorraine Sanders, SFIndieFashion & San Francisco Chronicle; Katie Hintz, Fashion Blogger, NBC’s “The Feast

Brian, my boyfriend

Lorian Lindsay, Lorian Lindsay Design Studio; Courtney Heinze, Stella + Dot

Matt Hageman, KRON 4

Behind the Shop: Circle & Square’s Bunny Fayne

We just love the fact that we have SF-based fashion editor, Lorraine Sanders, working with us to help consult on the media/online side for our retail and fashion clients. Circle & Square,, is one of our newest clients, offering a unique array of high-end accessories from around the globe, and with a new online shop. Lorraine recently caught up with Circle & Square’s owner, Bunny Touby Fayne. Check out the post on!

Pro Media featured on ModaEpidemic

Better late than never, I wanted to make sure my first blog post included a small feature with popular SF fashion and lifestyle blogger, Justyna Wilson. Justyna was kind enough to include a profile on what we do here at Provocateur Media. You can view the entire feature here Love a good Q&A session!